DAMSELFLY CANDLES..... these quotes and scents will leave you smiling!!

Welcome to Boutique Eco & Welcome to Damselfly.

Every girl loves a good quote these days, with a bit of motivation or humor.... Boutique Eco has a very special range of candles and creams that will have you , your girlfriends, your mum , even your man - in stitches of laughter...but the best thing about Damselfly is they smell spectacular. 

Step into the wild and beautiful world of Christianna Heideman: silver-tongued style maven, successful girl-boss, jeweller, creator, and lover of unicorns.

Something of a mad genius, Melbourne-based designer Christianna is a pocket rocket of energy, creativity, and flying sparks of joy that only come from somebody who truly loves what they do. Loves it so much, in fact, she is not beyond watching one of her candles flicker away only to think...hmm, is that the right size flame?

From the age of 19, Christianna has skipped across the globe from India to New York and beyond, gathering up precious jewels, tall tales, and reams of inspiration. For the last 13 years, her labor of love instilled itself in her label that houses jewellery, homewares, candles and more: Damselfly.

Just as likely to be caught welding jewellery in the back shed in her overalls as she is to be collecting shells along the shore, Christianna is flying the flag for fierce females and style slayers worldwide. Christianna is inspired by what is means to be the modern woman - part sexy, part charming, part naughty, and still a little bit delicate, Damselfly is for every girl with an adventure in her mind and a twinkle in her eye.

Join the Damselfly collective as we fly into a new chapter of beautiful treasures, cheeky quips, and all things that will sing to your soul, sparkle on your skin, and feed your eyes.


All photography credits are available to view on the Damselfly Website www.damselfly.com.au